Top Teas to Keep You From Falling Asleep During The Studies

We all know the feeling when the hours of studying non-stop keep a student tired, stressed, and sleepy! Your eyes are just about to close, you keep yawning, and your attention span becomes short as you would instead focus on something less stressful and have a cuppa! Thinking of all the struggling and tired students across the globe, we picked some of the top teas to keep you from falling asleep during the studies! A piece of advice for students, our selections of tea will help you to fight the stress, remain attentive, and stay awake with the use of healthy and safe methods!

Green Tea Tropical – A Tea to Boost Your Strength Like No Other!

Even a cup of this fantastic tea made of a mixture of green tea leaves and carefully selected sweet tropical fruits will help to feel refreshed. Unlike the energy drinks and coffee, which make you feel energized for the first twenty minutes, this green tea will not involve the feeling of sudden tiredness and emptiness sometime later. Green tea tropical will keep you going all the way through, enhancing your memory and attention skills. With tea’s antioxidants, namely, the Catechin, your eyes will instantly feel less tired as your body keeps hydrated!

British Breakfast Black Tea – Doing Homework The English Way!

This time we want to offer a perfect blend of Indian, Kenyan, and Sri Lankan black tea leaves! Do you know how British students do their homework and still stay awake? Oh, their secret trick is a cup of a nice black tea that they lovingly call “a perfect cuppa”. As it is known, the black tea has about the same level of caffeine as coffee and works in your body to promote a sense of calmness. This is exactly what helps to overcome the stress and feel relaxed. An interesting fact is that the black tea keeps you calm and awake at the same time. Stress is the main reason that actually makes you sleepy and literally turns your body’s systems off — so, removing stress is the utmost priority for those who don’t want to fall asleep!

Berryblossom White Tea – Stay Safe and Immune to Homework Struggles!

Seriously, the white tea helps to keep your immune system activated because all the exams, academic deadlines, and a lack of proper sleep attacks your defense mechanisms! White Tea is similar to the Green Tea due to a great number of antioxidants. Berryblossom White Tea, in particular, is a delicate cuppa of health with tinges of huckleberry and the white cranberry. You can choose it safely and rest assured – your exhausted student body and mind will only thank you!

Rooibos Tea – a Cuppa of Organic African Nectar to Keep your Stomach Fit!

This time we want to tell you how to fight the stomach cramps and a feeling of nausea when you just cannot finish your homework and feel that college was a wrong choice! When you feel desperate, and things just won’t work, a caffeine-free Rooibos tea straight from South Africa is your must-drink. It will not only keep you awake — moreover, it will help your stomach to overcome the cramps and relieve the pain all over your body! Smooth and almost silky as you drink it, it is a taste that will help you to see things differently!

Ginger Tea – Alleviates the Muscle Pain, Reduces Tiredness, and Improves Cognitive Skills!

While not the most popular kind of teas, it has several benefits! It alleviates the muscle pain like no other, which is often a problem when a student has to work and study for hours with a textbook or in front of a computer screen. It is a remedy that greatly reduces your tiredness and improves your cognitive skills. It helps to normalize your heartbeat rate and relaxes the levels of stress in your body. Even if Ginger is not your cup of tea, you can still give it a try because it works!

A Final Word… It Takes a Kettle or How to Make your Cuppa Right!

We all know that the main part of making a cuppa is the kettle! We are sure that you imagine a stovetop kettle with the lovely whistling noise and a touch of retro style now! You bet! Your cuppa will also taste much better if you choose the right stove kettle! If you want to know what are the best stovetop kettles, teapot stands, and learn about all the tea cozies, check out the other sections of our website to give your cuppa a final touch of beauty and perfection!



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