I am a big fan of DIY and can spend hours at a time looking at home and interior design blogs.  I felt it would be a good addition to this site if I listed some of the go-to and must read blogs of this kind.  If you are planning to redecorate or are just looking for ways to rejuvenate tired looking décor, then this list will hopefully be helpful.

John Lewis

I can’t not add John Lewis to this list of blogs. It is everyone’s favourite home shop. I could spend hours looking through their store and I quite often do, especially when I am on my own.


This is an almost entirely pictorial blog set up by a graphic designer called Griffo who is a big fan of both modernism and typography.  It features lots of beautiful photographs of warm textures and features a great feature called Friday Feast, for which he uploads pictures of the rooms and houses that he’s particularly in love with that week.

The New Victorian Ruralist

This is a blog run by a shopkeeper and interior decorator called James Snowden.  It is a great thing to look at to get some inspiration, unless of course you live in Kentucky where he is based and you could visit his store.  Less words, more pictures of the wonderful things that have caught his eye from furniture to accessories that all have a very retro vibe.

SF Girl by Bay

The name perhaps doesn’t give much away about what might be included in this blog, but don’t let that put you off from checking it out.  Victoria Smith from San Francisco describes herself as a flea market queen, design junkie, stylist and photographer.  If you like modern-bohemian style decors and airy interiors, then this is the blog for you.


All the interior design bloggers in the know have this blog on their blog roll.  This is with good reason as over the last 6 years it has become such a popular and successful design resource that Holly Becker, the founder, has released a bestselling book and is in high demand on the lecture circuit.

Apartment Therapy

This is a very big and frequently updated design blog that features posts from around the world.  As well as practical and easy to follow tips, the main draw to this blog is the House Tours feature which features hipster homes.


Pinterest is something that you have undoubtedly heard of and although it can be a bit odd getting your head round it if you have never used it before; once you do you will be hooked.  What I love doing is looking at other people’s boards and a simple search in Google or your chosen search engine will enable you to find a board to match what you are looking for in terms of ideas, tips or inspiration.  The following link is to a particular board I thought was quite interesting as it shows lots of great décor ideas.  http://www.pinterest.com/interiordesign2/