Review Of The 5 Best Stove Top Kettles

Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker, 6 Cup

Bialetti-Moka-Express-Espresso-Maker-homeOkay, so the first of my top 5 list of stove top kettles is a bit different in that it has the sole purpose of making espressos, not tea.  However, the Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker still deserves to be on the list.  Anyone who grew up with Italian relatives or who has Italian friends will undoubtedly have seen one of these at some point in their life as most Italian households seem to have at least one that has lasted a very long time.  Bialetti are one of the biggest Italian house ware manufacturers and they have been making espresso makers since the early 30’s.

If you love a good espresso and have people to share it with in your house, then this is the machine for you.  The brand name alone lets you know it is been designed and produced to a high standard.  It has a very thick base which stops the water reservoir from heating up too fat when over gas and the handle is very strong and comfortable to hold.  Although it is stated as being a 6 cup maker, it is more likely to give you 4 espresso measure cups out of it.  If you want a longer coffee, it will do 2 mugs full.  Obviously, how far the coffee goes is entirely dependent on how much you want to drink, as well as the size of your actual cups and mugs.

Le’Xpress Coloured Whistling Kettle 2 litre Midnight Black

le'express-stove-top-kettle-homeThe Le’Express Midnight Black whistling kettle has a very retro design and will instantly add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen, regardless of the décor.  There are more than just the good looks to like about this particularly kettle which holds a maximum 2 litres of water.  It has a very robust and long lasting enamel coating which provides it with protection and also features a very practical and safe “stay cool” heat resistant handle and knob.  It has a flip top whistle and a button that you can push when you want to open the spout.

The fact that the handle has been made ergonomically means that it never feels uncomfortable holding or carrying this kettle.  There is no real reason why you shouldn’t buy this particularly kettle – if you like retro looking appliances, prefer a comfortable and safe handle to hold and want to hear that marvellous sound of the whistle sounding to let you know the water is ready to use and all at a reasonable price, then this could be the perfect kettle for you.

Wesco Classic Line Stainless Steel 2 Litre Stove Top Kettle, Red

wesco-kettle-homeThe brand Wesco is known for their classical approach to metal production, a mixture of German high quality, hi-tech functionality and exclusive design.  This is fully realised in the Wesco Classic Whistling kettle which has definite Art Deco influences in the design and look of it.  This is another larger kettle with a 2 litre capacity, so not suitable if you are only looking to heat a cup or two worth of water, but for families and special occasions, it’s ideal.

Wesco have really made sure this kettle was as good as it possibly could be and one of my favourite features is the whistle, which while being very gentle and not ear-piercingly loud is still easy to hear. The handle has a nice ergonomic feel and never feels too hot to handle. The whistle is not detachable so you will never lose it. It is quite heavy but not as heavy as a cast iron equivalent and you don’t want this type of kettle to feel flimsy or lightweight anyway. Also the spout is high enough on the kettle that it doesn’t get hot from the gas flame, which can cause you to get spurted with boiling hot water when it comes to pouring.

Master Class Deluxe Farmhouse H/Duty S/S Kettle 2.0L

farmhouse-stovetop-homeThis is a very affordable kettle from Master Class and has a very comfortable to hold handle that never gets too warm.  It also features a great encapsulated base which distributed the heat more evenly, so that the water boils efficiently.  Like most of the decent sized kettles available, it has a capacity of 2 litres.  Although this is perhaps too big if you live alone or as a couple with no children, it is a good size for the days when you are entertaining guests.

The design of this kettle stays true to the traditional look of a farmhouse/cottage stove model, but with more modern features.  For instance it can be used with all types of hobs, including AGA and induction hobs.  It may not have the pizazz that some of the other stove top kettles have, including ones mentioned in this list, but the kettle does exactly what it says it should and does it really well for the price.  Another added bonus of this kettle that it has over other types, you don’t have to just hand wash the Master Class Deluxe as it can also be cleaned in a dishwasher, which obviously has the benefit of being very convenient.


retro-greenThe next kettle on my top 5 is here because of many good reasons, not least of all because of its bargain price tag.  This funky and retro little kettle is made by Prima and you can tell that a lot of love and attention to detail has gone into the production to give a good standard even at such a low price.  It has a reasonably large capacity of 2.5 litres and is made from stainless steel with a lime green finish.

The great thing about this kettle is that it has certain features that you would normally expect to find on more expensive and top range models.  The handle is a real deal breaker for me, as it is not only ergonomically designed to be comfortable when you hold it, as well as the fact it stays cool even when the kettle has fully boiled, but has also been designed so that when it is foldable.  This means when you are using it, the handle is raised high and out of the way of the hot parts of the kettle ad when you want to store it away neatly you just fold it back down.