Tips For Choosing And Buying A Whistling Kettle

If you are looking to purchase a new kettle, you may be surprised to find so many different types and models available at the moment.  If you are like me you may be on the lookout for a more retro, whistling kettle.  The two most popular kinds of whistling kettle are stovetop and electric, with each having their own advantages.

Stovetop Whistling Kettles

While it’s true that there are many advantages to stovetop whistling kettles, they are not for everyone.  By looking at the features of this model you will be able to work out if they are for you or not.  For instance, a lot of stovetop kettles cannot be used on electric hobs, so if you have an electric hob you need to be sure that the kettle you choose will be compatible.  Other kettles of this type are magnetic and can be used with induction hobs, so if you have this type of hob you can consider this type of kettle.  The majority of modern stovetop kettles can be used on all types of hob – induction, gas or electric – but it is always sensible to double check before buying.

The portability of stovetop kettles is a great advantage.  If you love to travel into the countryside for holidays in a caravan or tent then these kettles are perfect for using in this situation.  Instead of spending extra money on a specialised camping kettle you could just bring the stovetop model from your kitchen.  They also have the advantage of being able to be used even in a power cut.

Electric Whistling Kettles

You may be surprised to learn that there are electric whistling kettles available, but they do exist.  Many people love the retro kitchen style and want the nostalgic look and sound of a whistling kettle, without having to use a hob to boil water.  As a result, many manufacturers have produced electric whistling kettles.  One of the main advantages of having a whistling electric kettle is that that they take less time to boil water than stovetop alternatives.  This is handy if you want the pleasant sound of the kettle whistling to tell you the water is boiled, but don’t want to be late for work in the morning.

Another important advantage that electric whistling kettles have over stovetop models is that they turn themselves off when they have boiled the water.  This means that it will not over boil the water or dry boil and make your tea taste flat.  It also means that the whistle is optional.  However, the one downside is that these electric whistling kettles are still not as widely available as non-whistling electric and whistling stovetop models, so it might be harder to find one.

Information About The Different Types Of Whistles Available

While the majority of whistling kettles have whistles that are attached to the kettle’s spout and flip up when you pour the water out, there are some that have a removable whistle.  The one problem with this type is that often the whistle can be difficult to take off when you want to pour water without getting burned by the steam.  Another issue you might find with whistling kettles in general is that many have whistles that are not very loud or clear.  If this concerns you, you should do a search for videos that show whistling kettles in action.

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