The Undiscovered Beauty of Teapots

Teapots are the essential item of every kitchen, but as well as being a practical piece they can also be a lovely decorative item that is perfect for brightening up your home and adding a little character to any kitchen.

I started collecting teapots last year when I picked up a beautiful Sadler piece at a car boot sale. The design of the teapot was a depiction of a scene from Romeo and Juliet, and it was such a lovely item I got straight on to Ebay to investigate the possibility of it being part of a collection. It was, and so my teapot fetish was born.

I was honestly amazed at the huge array of shapes, sizes and designs teapots come in, and I have quickly amassed a collection that sits on three shelves in my kitchen. Granted, it’s a little bit of an obscure, even bizarre, item to collect However, the collection is a great feature in my kitchen and people are generally fascinated by it when they visit.

I’ve picked out a few of my favourite teapots to – hopefully – reveal the undiscovered beauty and quirkiness of teapot collecting.

1. Hiker’s Rest by Cardew

hikers rest

If I had to make a gun-to-the-head style decision, I’d have to pick Cardew as my favourite teapot designer. Hiker’s Rest is an adorable little pot that features a backpack, map and flask balanced on a stone wall. As well as being a teapot-collecting, Shakespeare reading geek I’m also a hiker, which is one of the reasons I love this piece. The other reason is that it is just beautiful, and I love the level of detail put into the piece, right down to the intricate designing of the “map”.

2.Robin Hood by Sadler

robin hood

Sadler teapots all feature lovely designs, normally celebrating typically British scenes and famous Brits.  I have the Shakespeare teapot collection, which consists of 3 teapots each depicting a scene from Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Hamlet, but the Robin Hood teapot even trumps this collection! On either side is a brightly-coloured different scene, one of Hood and his Merry Men, and the one of the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham.

3.The Queen Vic and the Rovers Return by Annie Rowe


These are obviously the cheesiest pieces in my collection, as they are designs based on the iconic pubs from the two rival British soaps, EastEnders and Coronation Street. I do prefer the Rovers Return pot as it is the more detailed and interesting of the two, but both have definitely made for interesting conversational pieces within my collection, as they’re the two most people zoom in on and laugh about!

4. Charlotte di Vita miniature teapot

charlotte di vita

I’m not sure if this one has an actual name, but it is so adorable, as are all the miniature pots designed by di Vita. Di Vita pots tend to be a little pricier generally than Cardew or Sadler ones, but they are well worth the money, as their colourful designs are totally sophisticated, stylish and original.

5. Reliant Robin from Only Fools and Horses

only fools

This teapot I received as a joke Christmas present from my brother last year, but it is another piece that proves popular with visitors to my house. It’s a sturdy pot that fails to boast the intricate designs of many other pots in my collection, but I love the colour, and I think it survives in my collection because of the memories it evokes of Del Boy falling through the open bar in that classic episode!


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