If you love all things kitsch and retro and have invested in a brand new stove top kettle to replace your boring, plastic-y electric model and have bought your fancy new, retro styled teapot, is there something missing?  Well, I don’t know about you dear reader, but I remember another ingredient in the perfect cuppa when I used to visit my Grannie’s house – the humble tea cosy!

The reason that tea cosies very much go hand in hand with teapots and stove top kettles is because they take us back in our minds and hearts to that simpler time when the whistling noise meant a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake.  I don’t know if it is just me but we seemed to enjoy things more back then and things were never rushed.  My Gran would always say “Never miss out on having a nice cup of tea and a sit down”.

Tea cosies were designed in the 1860’s so that if a lady was hosting a spot of afternoon tea with friends, they could enjoy chatting and taking their time while the teapot remained covered and kept warm.  It was very much a fashionable thing during Victorian times for people to adorn their possessions, so as well as being modest and practical; tea cosies were also very decorative.  Therefore there are many different kinds of tea cosies made from different materials.  The most common are normally quilted, embroidered or knitted and often come with pockets.

Quilted And Embroidered Tea Cosies

Quilted cosies are normally made from cloth and can often be found in sets that include matching aprons, tea towels and tablecloths.  You often will come across quilted tea cosies that feature a removable, washable pad inside the cover.  Tea cosies made from cloth also often have lace trims and embroidery work.  The wide variety of designs and colours of quilted tea cosies is only limited by the designer’s imagination.  It is normal for a quilted tea cosy to be produced in a U-shape and it will cover the whole of a teapot.  As well as having the advantage of keeping the steam under the cosy, it also helps to warm the teapot, allowing the tea to brew for longer and for it to remain hot for longer.

Knitted Tea Cosies

While some tea cosies do cover the entire teapot, many others have openings and holes for the teapot’s handle and spout.  Knitted cosies are normally the type of cosies made with these handy holes.  This is practical as it allows the tea to be poured from the teapot without removing the tea cosy.  If you know that you will be pouring tea frequently, this is ideal as it means you will not have to constantly remove the cosy to pour and put it back on when you have finished.  It also has the added bonus of keeping the tea warm while you pour it.  There are many different tea cosy knitting patterns available and these range from very functional designs that are easy to knit to elaborate and intricate designs that require a bit more expertise.

Tea Cosies That Have Pockets

While searching for a tea cosy that you like, you will come across some designs that have been made with pockets.  These pockets are normally used to hold either fresh or dried herbs or flowers.  The idea is that when the herbs or flowers are stimulated by the heat from the teapot, they produce a nice and pleasant aroma around the table.  This adds an extra dimension to the already artistic touch that using a tea cosy can bring to serving tea for friends and family to make it feel like a more special occasion.

The great thing about tea cosies being back in fashion again is that there is no limit to the different styles and designs available and it you are unlikely to have too hard a job finding one (or more) that you actually like.  To help you on your search for a tea cosy that is the perfect accessory for your retro country kitchen, I have compiled a list of 5 tea cosies below that are available online.

T&G Woodware Street Party Striped Tea Cosy

If you want a knitted tea cosy that will keep your tea warm on those nice summer afternoons in the garden or during the winter months, but also want to display for all to see your patriotic nature you will find it very easy to fall in love with the Street Party striped tea cosy from T&G Woodware.

T&G Woodware Farmyard Crazy Charlie the Chicken Tea Cosy

Whether you live on a farm or just love farm animals and want to give your country farmhouse kitchen a really authentic and fun look, you should take a look at this little beauty.  The chicken design is well executed and very quirky and is actually part of the very popular Farmyard Crazy range and would be the perfect companion to the Charlie the Chicken teapot!

T&G Woodware Farmyard Crazy Sidney the Sheep Tea Cosy

This is another knitted tea cosy that is part of T&G Woodware’s highly successful kitchen range called Farmyard Crazy and would go well with the Sidney the Sheep teapot!  Perhaps you want to start collecting interesting and quirky teapots and tea cosies.  If that is the case then these would be perfect.

T&G Woodware Farmyard Crazy Peter the Pig Tea Cosy

This, as if it really needed to be clarified, I the pig tea cosy that is part of the Farmyard Crazy range and is perfectly matched to the Peter The Pig teapot.  This is perhaps the least attractive in the range, though that is just my own personal opinion as many people appear to have purchased it and are very happy with it.

Ulster Weavers Cottage Knitted Tea Cosy

If funky and quirky animals aren’t your cup of tea (see what I did there? boom boom indeed!), then what better way to give your country kitchen that retro cottage look than with a cottage tea cosy.  This particular tea cosy is very well designed and will look just like a cottage sitting on your table or worktop.  It features handy openings for the spout and handle.

Hopefully, this post will help you find the final piece in giving your kitchen a real nostalgic feel with a stove top kettle, teapot and attractive tea cosy.