There are many different reasons why you might choose one instead of the other when it comes to stove top and electric kettles.  If you want a truly splendid cup of tea or coffee then you need to have the right equipment that produces the best results for you.  On this page we will loook at both electric and stove top kettles, speaking about each individually and discussing the differences and advantages that each has over the other.

Electric Kettles

If you were purely basing your decision on the most energy efficient type of kettle available, you would have to go with an electric model.  Tests conducted on both have revealed that they outclassed the stove top alternative, regardless of whether they were used on gas or electric stoves.  It should also be mentioned that if you are wanting a quick way to heat water for those hot beverages that you love, then an electric kettle might be the best choice as it can take just a couple of minutes to boils a full kettle of water, compared to the ten minutes it could take to heat the same amount of water in some stove top models.  Have a look at the following video test for evidence of this fact.

Another great benefit of electric models could be seen as being the fact that they have automatic shut off settings, which means you can carry on with whatever you are doing while the water boils.  Obviously, the biggest downside to this is that you might get distracted and completely forget that you were boiling water, which means when you remember that you were doing this you have to boil it all over again.  It is also not hard to see that electric kettles are much more portable and can be used anywhere where there is an electrical plug socket.  Whereas stove top kettles require, as the name handily suggests, a stove.

Stovetop Kettles

The above is all well and good and there are certainly very strong arguments for choosing an electric kettle.  However, if you take some time to look over the following benefits associated with stove top kettles, you may change your mind.

One major downside of electric kettles is that you have to take care to clean them in a very specific way to stop the heating element inside being damaged.  While mineral deposits can build up on the bottom inside an electric kettle, effecting the efficiency, stove top models do not have the same susceptibility to this kind of damage and require a less rigorous cleaning regime.

While it is definitely great that electric kettles can be used anywhere where there is electricity, a major benefit of stove top models is the very fact that they don’t need electricity to work.  This can be a real lifesaver in the event of a power cut or if you are on a camping holiday.  A stove top alternative could also come in handy for people who have too many appliances in their kitchen using all of their available electrical outlets, meaning there is nowhere to connect an electric model.

By far one of the biggest and most important benefits of kettles that go on top of stoves is the fact that they are much more affordable than electric ones.  If you have a stove and do not have much of a budget when it comes to buying a kettle, it is wiser to opt for a stove top variety.

The main reason that people decide to buy stove top kettles instead of electric ones however is that they look and sound better.  Although there are some aesthetically pleasing electric kettles available today, nothing beats the vintage/retro look of the stove top version.  Then there’s the sound it makes.  That glorious whistle is something that I never get tired of hearing and it always brings a certain level of calmness to my day.