Stove Top Kettle On An Induction Hob

As good as stove top kettles are in general, not all of them work on all types of cookers and hobs.  One popular type of cooker top in particular that the majority of stove top kettles does not work with is the induction heat hob.

More popular than ever, induction hobs have a lot of great advantages over their more traditional alternatives.  This popularity is due to them being faster and more energy efficient cookers than gas cookers, with around 80 to 90% of the energy produced being converted to usable induction heat; compared to the 50 to 60% of energy converted to heat by gas cookers.

Another reason why people like induction hobs so much is the safety side of things.  Because induction hob do not heat up themselves, but rather the cookware used on them does, they are a lot safer as well as being energy efficient.

As we stated at the outset, one major downside of many stove top kettles is the fact that they are not compatible with induction heat hobs.  This is because they are often made with materials such as glass and aluminium, which are both non-magnetic.

In order for cookware such as stove top kettles to be compatible with induction heat hobs, they need to be made of magnetic materials, that usually feature iron.  Ferrous materials used such as steel are preferable,  While in the past there were not many induction hob suitable stove top kettles available, there are quite a few nowadays, including one that we have specifically reviewed elsewhere on this site.

Obviously the advantages speak for themselves, because if you are looking for a better way to cook and also warm liquids, an induction hob is the way to go and for that you will need to ensure you look for a kettle that is specifically suited to one.

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