Short History Of The Stove Top Kettle

As this is a site dedicated to the marvel of engineering, design and delicious hot beverage production that is the humble, but glorious stove top kettle, it is a good idea to have a post looking at the history of it.

The stove top kettle is actually probably one of the oldest, if not the oldest piece of kitchen equipment or cooking utensil that is still used in this modern day and age.  You may not realise it, but the earliest use of a stove top kettle can be traced back to Mesopotamia between the years 4500 and 2000 BC.  These early incarnations of stove top kettles were made exclusively from iron and it was only by the 19th century that copper became widely used.

What about the whistling element that we all love about our stove top kettles and those we perhaps grew up seeing and hearing?  The whistling kettle was an invention of Sholom Borgelman sometime after the First World War and remains very true to it’s roots, even today.

How do modern kettles differ from the stove top kettles of old?  They are usually made of metal such as aluminium or stainless steel then coated in enamel to give an attractive finish that is not only attractive but necessary for ensuring the kettles are as robust as they can be, as it helps protect the metal from heat damage and scratches.

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