A Selection of Nice Teas For Your Stove Top Kettle

Stove top kettles and stove top tea kettles are a great addition to any kitchen, modern or old-fashioned.  So you have invested in a kettle, you are delighted with it, but what else do you need?  Well, in order to get the very best out of your fancy new stove top kettle, especially if you are a big tea drinker, some packs of tea bags would be good wouldn’t they?

In the following post, we highlight our 10 favourite tea-related sets for sale on Amazon.

Mad Hatter Tea Gift Set



This is a special set that combines two things great about Britain – Lewis Carroll’s magical fantasy story Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland with our national drink, tea.  Why Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland in the first place?  Well, it is because that story is now 150 years old and this set was put together to commemorate it.

So if you are a fan of the books and characters and wish to celebrate it or just fancy something a little different in your tea cupboard, you will fall in love with this set.  Included in the premium quality collection is:

1 x pack of Mad Hatter Tea Eco Craft (containing 40 tea bags)

1 x Mad Hatter cardboard teapot (containing 6 string and tag tea bags)

1 x Alice’s Handbag (containing 6 string and tag tea bags)

1 x Alice’s House (containing 6 string and tag tea bags)

1 x Mad Hatter Tea A6 postcards

All tea bags are delicious English Breakfast tea and whether you are treating yourself or someone you love, this will bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company Scottish Afternoon Tea Selection 265 g



How about a taster of one of finest teas in the world, made in Scotland.  The Edinburgh Tea and Coffee Company can be dated back as early as 1812 and this set is a testimony to their legacy as producers of fine tea.  In this set, you get everything you could ever need for a decent cuppa of afternoon tea including

  • 1 x mini packet of Walkers oatcakes
  • 1 x Scottish three berry preserve
  • 1 x Scottish preserve
  • 55 x Scottish breakfast tea bags that comes in a reusable drum.

So you have everything for tea, biscuits and jam in this attractive little set.

New English Teas Slogans Carton Gift Set (Pack of 1, Total 30 Teabags)



In this set there is a three cartons of three different colours and each of them contains fine English teas.  The boxes each have a different British tea-themed caption.  These captions are as follows:

  • Live Life and Love Tea on the green packet
  • Don’t Panic Have a Cup of Tea on the red packet
  • In England Everything Stops for Tea on the blue packet

Each carton contains 10 teabags that are a blend that have been selected to yield only the finest aromas.

English Tea, “Twelve Teas” – An Exciting selection of Twelve Teas: Black, Green & Fruit Teas – 177



This is a huge best selling collection of English teas and comes with a beautiful gift pack.  There is something for everyone with the set including

  • 4 x black teas (English Breakfast, Early Grey, English tea No. 1
  • 4 x fruity black teas (Passion fruit, Peach and Strawberry, Lemon and Lime)
  • 4 x green tea bags

Tea gifts: 6 mini tea tins taster set



We highlighted this cute little set because it is a great introduction for tea lovers of all ages.   This special promotional set normally includes examples of 6 different tea families such as

  • White tea
  • Black tea
  • Oolang tea
  • Green teas and
  • Some scented teas

New English Teas Memorabilia Range Time for Tea 40 Teabag Tin 80 g



A very retro style metal tin with 1960’s polka design

The Tea Makers of London Flowering Tea Gift – 5 bulbs Pack



From the reputable Tea Makers Of London, is this pack of “flowering” teas.  The pack contains 2 of 5 different flavouring teas, each of which consists of a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around at least one dried flower or more.

The teas included in this pack are:

  • Green tea silver needle
  • Jasmine tea flowers
  • Osmanthus tea flowers
  • Lily tea flowers
  • Hibiscus tea flowers

When you steep the bundle of dried leaves and flowers the bundle begins to expand and uncurls in a similar way to a blooming flower, hence the name.  These are generally used in glass containers or some other form of transparent as the flowering/blooming effect is visible and would make a stunning talking point for guests.

New English Teas Beatrix Potter 3 Mini Tin Set 75 g



Another English literature-inspired set of tea comes in a mini tin adorned with an eye-catching decoration of Beatrix Potter animal characters from the world of Peter Rabbit.  This is a miniature set and it includes three little tins that offer you the choice of these teas:

  • Earl Grey
  • English Afternoon
  • English Breakfast

Pukka Herbal Organic Tea Sachets – Selection of 37 Sachets (1 Sachet of Each Variety) Packed in Beautiful Metal Tea Storage Tin Caddies – Perfect As A Sample Taster Pack by Suntechgadget Ltd



How about a collection of 37 different Pukka herbal tea sachets inside a reusable metal and very decorative box.

The Tea Makers of London Ceylon Earl Grey Supreme Black Loose Leaf Tea with Bergamot Oil, 125 g



The last selection of tea we have chosen to highlight is the classic Earl Grey.  Sometimes the classics are all you need and when you next need to unwind and drink a magnificent tea, you should definitely consider purchasing this, for just  a really good cup of tea. This is a very strong and fragrant Earl Grey, with scents of bergamot oil and corn flowers.  It makes a perfect cuppa for that mid-morning time or afternoon.  And they come packed into a black tin caddy, for an extra elegant and classy feel.

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