Romero Britto Teapots – Do NOT Miss Out!

You could be forgiven for never having heard of Romero Britto, but I can guarantee you’re missing out on some serious colour and vitality in your home if that is the case.

Think of a rainbow. Now imagine that rainbow exploding, throw in a mix of distorted shapes and a bit of funkiness and you’ll be somewhere close to the Brazilian Neo-pop artist’s designs.

The re-working of a collection of figurines of Disney’s most popular characters is possibly one of the most marketable products in the Britto range, but about a year ago I discovered the fabulously bright, bold and brilliant range of teapots available, and have quickly acquired some for my teapot collection.

I’ve compiled a list of my top 10 Romero Britto teapots; the list consists of many pieces I’ve added to my collection, but several that are still on my wish list (at least until I’ve saved a few more pretty pennies!). The great thing about collecting this style of teapot is that they come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and designs that suit all budgets.

1. Mini Frog Teapot

Romero Britto - Mini Frog Teapot

This is an adorable little piece, and can be bought very cheaply, so is a good place to start a collection. I love the supremely happy smile on his little face! My daughter’s named him Albert – apparently he looks like one!

2. A New Day (Square Teapot)

Romero Britto - A New Day - Square Teapot

I love this one largely because it breaks the mould of the conventional teapot by being square. The sharp edges and funky heart design are gorgeous, and the small details, such as the zigzag handle and heart-topped lid, make this a really special piece.

3. Dog Wearing a Crown

Romero Britto - Dog With Crown Teapot

This is gorgeous, but is perhaps one of the pricier pieces in the Britto collection. However, it’s well worth the money. I splashed out on this myself a few months ago, after saving here and there for a long time. I now have zero regrets about buying it. The contrast of the polka dot patterning with the stripes makes this piece unusual but interesting. The cute, whimsical expression on the dog’s face is also adorable.

(PSSST! If you can’t afford this piece, there is a mini dog teapot in the Britto range that you can buy for a fraction of the price!)

4. Flying Heart

ROMERO BRITTO Teapot Flying Heart - Pop Art Kunst from Miami

Like the “A New Day” teapot, this is another squarish-shaped pot full of character. I love the blues, purples and pinks on this pot, and the unusual design of winged hearts hand-painted on to the pot.

5. Pop Art “Pattern” teapot

ROMERO BRITTO Teapot PATTERN - Pop Art Kunst from Miami

This is absolutely one of my favourite teapots ever, never mind just in the Romero Britto collection. What I like the most about this pot is the mix of shapes it boasts, the mismatch of squares and circular designs. Besides the bright and abstract patterning, this pot’s base is also incredibly original and includes such nice attention to detail.

6. Hearts

ROMERO BRITTO Teapot HEARTS - Pop Art Kunst from Miami

Admittedly I don’t own this teapot, but it is top of my wish list! One definitely worth saving up for over for the next few months. I think it’s fair to say that it’s a simpler design than some of the other pots in the Britto collection, but I love how each heart has a slightly different design to the others.

7. The Hug

ROMERO BRITTO Teapot The Hug - Pop Art Kunst from Miam

This is a beautiful teapot based on one of Britto’s most popular painting “The Hug”. It features a character with his arms outstretched and a little goofy smile on his face. Imagine every colour and pattern you can and you will find it on this teapot.

8. Mini Butterfly

Romero Britto - Mini Butterfly Teapot

This piece is a real cutie, and also really cheap. It’s the same size as the mini frog and dog teapots that are available in the Britto collection, so, if you are looking to start a collection but feel the larger teapots are out of your price range, these smaller pieces are ideal.

9. Apple Teapot

ROMERO BRITTO Teapot Apple - Pop Art Kunst from Miami

I love the warm colours of this teapot, and it boasts the same beautiful examples of detail as the “Hug” and “Flying Hearts” teapots; a cute little heart-shaped lid, zigzag handle and array of spectacular colours.

10. The Kiss

Romero Britto Teapot in White Kiss design

The teapot is the perfect gift for someone really special; my husband bought this for me as a gift last Valentine’s Day. The heart-shaped teapot’s design features a couple about to share a kiss, and boasts the gorgeous, vibrant colours typical of a Britto design.

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