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victor cast iron tea kettle black


When it comes to stove top tea kettles and tea pots, a simple design well executed is often better than a garish looking over the top item.  It’s likely that if you are looking for a kettle for your stove top, you are trying to achieve a country kitchen or retro look and feel for your kitchen.  Something that screams “nostalgia” and gives you that warm feeling inside that you used to get when you visited your grandmother’s house when you were a kid.  You can get all that from the black Victor cast iron tea kettle.

Victor are known for designing and manufacturing items that are both very practical and look great too and this cast iron, black tea kettle lives up to their very good name.  It is the largest in their teapots range of this kind and comes complete with its own stainless steel tea infuser, so you do not have to buy a separate one.

With a capacity of  1.5 litres, you have enough liquid for a reasonable number of hot drinks and it will sit comfortably on top of a stove top cooker, wood burner or range cooker.  It doubles up, as most stove top kettles do, as a tea maker and water boiler.  If you are looking to have some guests over, or want to have a nice warm drink in the morning and want a simple, stylish item to do it with, this is the product for you.

Obviously, nothing lasts forever and there is only so much protection you can have for something that has water in and out of it every day or every time it is used.  This cast iron, like many of its kind comes with a special enamel coating on the inside which protects the iron against rusting, which not only means the kettle lasts longer but means that your drinks will not be unpleasantly flavoured or toxic.

Even if the enamel starts to break down and wear away, which should not but on the rare occasion that it does happen, there is still a way you can protect your kettle from further rusting.  Simple clean at the rusted area with a soft brush, then boil water in the kettle with some used tea bags or tea leaves.  The tannins in the tea reacts with the iron creating a protective layer over the rusted parts of the kettle, which works in a very similar way to the enamel coating that product had in the first place.

As well as functionality, cost is obviously an important aspect to consider when choosing an item like a stove top kettle.  As is whether or not other customers have given a particular item a good review or not.  This particular cast iron kettle from Victor is very reasonably priced, towards the cheap end of the price range and is also rated very highly by customers.  If you are looking for good quality for a very affordable price, you could do far worse than invest in one of these kettles