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This is the second Stellar product review on this site and it fully deserves its place with good reason.  It is a bit more expensive than many of the other kettles listed, but as we look closer at the positive and negative aspects of the Stellar stove top kettle, you will be able to make an informed decision whether it is right for you or not.

As with the other Stellar stove top kettle reviewed on this site, the 2.6 litre model is made from a very high quality stainless steel, it is graded at 18/10 and has a perfect polished finish that gives it a very stunning look and feel.  It also comes equipped with a very thick thermic base which helps to ensure the heat is distributed evenly so that the water boils evenly, quickly and efficiently.

One of the major advantages that this model has is that unlike a large percentage of the competition, it is suitable for use with any type of hob.  Regardless of whether you have a gas, electric, radiant or induction hob, you will be able to use this kettle safely without worry or concern.

The majority of stove top kettles come with some form of long guarantee; however most do not come with a 25 year guarantee.  This Stellar kettle does though, and according to some customers online who have had the pleasure of dealing with Stellar directly; they honour it.  This usually means they will just send a replacement kettle out, although there have also been reports of the company sending out larger capacity and more recent models at absolutely no charge!

As the handles and whistles are just as important on the actual build of stove top kettles, how well does this Stellar kettle’s handle and whistle fair against the competition?  Rather well actually.  The handle is made from a sculptured cast of stainless steel and has a very soft and comfortable grip.  As well as preventing fatigue and discomfort caused by holding the kettle when it is full, it also does not get very hot at all, so you are highly unlikely to burn yourself.

As stated at the beginning of the review, this is a much more expensive model than a lot of great kettles out there.  However, judging by the quality of build and reliability of this product at doing the job it was intended for the price is more than worth it.