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This is no doubt that is one of the best looking whistling kettles around just now. It offers a range of features and promises to add a touch of class to any kitchen.

While it isn´t exactly an expensive purchase, it isn´t the cheapest model on the market either. So, is it worth it?

The Looks

The biggest selling point of this Prestige whistling kettle is its wonderful looks. If you want to find a simple and effective way of injecting some extra life into your kitchen then this is a good kettle to choose. As well as the bold red colour (which is described as being durable and stain resistant by the manufacturer) it also has a really nice design to it. It certainly looks like a classy kettle and probably appears a bit more expensive than it really is as well.

The Ease of Use

As with all of the best modern kettles, this model is incredibly simple to use. The good news is that it is also suitable for use with an induction hob, which isn´t the case with every kettle around now. The lock open spout is designed to offer easy filling and pouring. While a few users have reported issues with pouring water from the kettle, the overwhelming consensus is that it is easy and safe to use. The tight fitting lid also ensures that the water boils quickly and that it doesn´t spill over once boiled. Users also suggest that water stays hotter for longer in this kettle even after the heat is turned off. This Prestige whistling kettle also comes with a 10 year guarantee that brings a nice degree of peace of mind with it.

The Whistle

The loud and reasonably high pitched whistle on this kettle means that you are highly unlikely to forget about it even if you are out in the garden or in the opposite side of the house. It might be a touch too shrill for some people´s taste but it is easy to lift open the whistle quickly once it starts to whistle.

The Summary

The fabulous looks of this red kettle give us the strongest reason to buy one. You will find cheaper models around if you look online but you are unlikely to find one that looks as good for this price or less. It is a durable and good quality addition to any kitchen that you won´t regret buying.