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There are many different whistling kettles on the market now, but the combination of a cracking low price and stylish looks makes the 2.5 litre Premier Housewares black model stand out from the crowd.

If you would normally be put off by a household product with such a low price then you might be surprised to find that his model offers an excellent, practical solution when you are looking for your next kettle.

The Looks

One of the strong points about this whistling kettle is with its classy, modern looks. The time and effort that have clearly gone into the design were worth it, as it looks like it should be a more expensive model. Naturally, a black kettle won´t fit in perfectly with everyone´s kitchen style. Bearing this in mind, it is good to see that the model is also offered in cream, purple and red. Some users have noted that the paint can peel or get otherwise damaged after a few years of heavy use, while using it too close to other hot objects can also damage it.

The Ease of Use

You don´t want to take any risks with your kettle, and there is nothing on this model to make you think that it will cause you any problems. For a start, the element with the whistle can be quickly and easily pushed away from the spout with the help of a button on the handle. The fact that it has been built using good quality stainless steel means that you will feel safe when using it, even when it is filled with boiling water. An important point to remember is that this model can be used on all hob types. While some kettles aren´t safe to use on induction hobs this one is. It should also be noted that this is a lightweight kettle which is easy to transport when needed.

The Whistle

If you like to use a kettle with a nice loud whistle then you will be happy with this Premier Housewares model. It has a clear whistling noise that means that you aren´t likely to leave it boiling away unattended. This makes it particularly useful if you live in a big house, there is a lot of noise around the home or you have some hearing issues.


This seems like an ideal purchase for anyone who wants to get a stylish new kettle without splashing out too much money on it. If you are moving into a new house and have a lot of home essentials to buy then saving some cash on your kettle by choosing this one is a smart move.