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housewares kettle


If you are looking at the low cost but stylish end of the whistling kettles market then this Premier Housewares model is one you are likely to come across.

The price of this kettle means that it is well worth looking at, even if you are just looking for a second kettle or one to take on a caravan or to student accommodation. So, how does the rest of it stand up to scrutiny?

The Looks

This is a very attractive kettle that will fit in perfectly well in most people´s kitchens. It has a pleasant, shiny look and it can be easily cleaned with just a soft, damp cloth. Whether you have a modern, sleek kitchen or more of a retro look, it shouldn´t be too difficult to imagine how this whistling kettle could fit into it. The overall look suggests a more expensive kettle than it really is.

The Ease of Use

Of course, the most important point with any kettle is the ease of use it offers. As you will be using it to boil water you need it to be sturdy, safe and comfortable to use. In terms of sturdiness, the fact that it is built all in one piece rather than having the base welded onto it is a bonus.  The handle is also well moulded so that it is also comfortable to use. Importantly, it also has a big enough base so that it sits easily on most hobs and takes advantage of all of the heat under it. Please note that it can´t be used on an induction hob.

The Whistle

One of the difficult points about buying a new whistling kettle is that they don´t all make exactly the same level of noise. This is something that we each have different opinions on. While some of us want a strong whistling noise that we can´t miss, others prefer something softer and less annoying. Most user reviews for this Premier Housewares whistling kettle suggest that it has got a very nice level of whistle on it.  Unless you have specific needs due to hearing issues or the size of your house this model should be fine.


While it might be the low price that initially attracts you to this model, the good looks and the ease of use are what will make you keep on using it. It is a great choice of kettle for just about any house or reason.