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Le Creuset is one of those brands that are known for their well-designed, robust and very reliable products.  The Le Creuset traditional kettle is more of the same in this respect.  Not only is it very pleasing on the eyes with its bold navy blue colouring and chunky black handle, but it also has a very sturdy stainless steel build.  In addition, it also has the flexibility of being suitable with any type of hob, whether it’s an induction, gas, electric or Aga one (I will discuss that in a bit more detail further down the page).

It holds a fairly standard 2.1 litres and has a very strong and stay-cool phenolic designed handle.  This is great as you can use the kettle without worrying about accidentally burning or scolding yourself.  The enamelled steel of the kettle body helps to protect it from discolouration, so that it will look in a few years time the way it did when you first bought it.

If you have had stove top kettles in the past that had removable whistles and had the irritating displeasure of losing the whistle, then this particular kettle may be right up your street.  Le Creuset has designed it so that the whistle stays put, so there appears to be no chance of losing it or of breaking it accidentally.

Let’s go back to discussing the actual boiling of water in this kettle for a moment.  Although in the outset I stated that it is suitable for use on any type of stove that you may have seen reports and reviews by customers who have Agas and range cookers have suggested that because the base is not completely flat that it takes much longer than you would expect to heat on these types of cookers.  With that in mind, you are likely to have a better experience using this kettle on your stove if it has a gas stove, rather than hot plates or electric burners.

It has also been stated by gas stove owners who have purchased this particular kettle that the base covers gas jets sufficiently well so as to avoid any loss of energy and prevent the flames from licking the side of the kettle.

It is a fairly heavy kettle, due to its sturdy build. Having said that, some online reviewers have pointed out that it isn´t quite as heavy as they had expected it to be,which you might consider to bea good thing. In my opinion, Le Creuset is a quality brand that has millions of trusting and loyal customers throughout the world. Judging by the general consensus this kettle meets the high expectations that a Le Creuset regular customer would have when purchasing this great touch of nostalgia for their kitchen!