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This kettle is very different to most other current models, including the other Le Creuset model reviewed on this website.  The biggest initial difference, rather obviously, is the price.  While the rest are anything between £15 and £80, the Le Creuset Kone kettle in blue is well over the £100 mark.  So if you are on a tight budget that can’t stretch that far then you might not even consider this kettle.  However, if you want to find out whether the asking price is value for money or not, then please read on.

As with any product released by the world famous Le Creuset, there are certain expectations with regards to its quality, style and robustness.  The company has carved a name for themselves as producing kitchenware that not only looks spectacular and works well but also has a long life.  The general thought amongst the customers who have reviewed this kettle online is that this it is yet another example of the almost unrivalled quality that Le Creuset has become known for.

The body is made from stainless steel with enamel covering both on the outside and inside, which is part of the reason why it will last you a long time, as long as you look after it properly.  It has a nice matt finish with a black phenolic trim and is very flexible in that it is suitable for use with all types of heat sources – including gas, electric, radiant, Aga and range stoves.

One of the main gripes that you could have with this kettle is the fact that for the money you are spending it has a relatively low capacity, compared to other kettles on the market today, in only holding a total of 1.6 litres.  I do feel though, that the design, as well as quality of the overall build and the individual parts of this kettle ensures that you are definitely getting value for money, despite the hefty price tag.

Now, there have been some complaints by a small number of customers who have experienced the kettle boiling over.  Whether they are doing something wrong is something that is hard to tell, as there are many other reviews that suggest by following the maximum fill guide line, you will not experience any boiling over at all.

Another customer stated that they had got some advice straight from the horse’s mouth. They went to a local Le Creuset stockist and they suggested the tip of only boiling it over a very low to medium heat, as a higher flame could cause damage to the enamel coating.  That said, the customer who mentioned this tip said that for a stove top kettle the Kone still boiled water relatively quick.

The basic gist with regards to this kettle is, if you have the budget to buy it then you should definitely consider it, as it will serve you for many years and will not age in appearance or ability to perform.