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Stove top kettles are popular these days for a number of reasons.  The nostalgia they conjure up, the warm and snug feelings they give you because they remind you of those times you visited your grandmother’s house.  They are the perfect, finishing touches to country style kitchen décor and anything with that retro kind of feel and look.  They are also incredibly practical as they not only save you time and money, and are very versatile.

The King Hoff MYLIFESTYLE kettle is no different than many you will see on the market.  It has a brushed steel look, wooden effect handle and comes with a heat resistant lid and the obligatory whistle, that just screams nostalgia.  Who doesn’t love hearing the sound of a kettle boiling?  However, there is one major difference with this model over other kettles – it doesn’t just have to be used on a gas cooker of some description.

The majority of classically designed and produced stove top kettles and tea makers are made for explicit use on gas hobs such as Agas, range cookers, wood burners and gas cookers.  The MYLIFESTYLE by King Hoff though has been more thoughtfully created and can be used on the widest variety of cookers from induction to electric, gas, ceramic and even halogen.

This is important because if you want the benefit of old-fashioned water boiling and that nice warm and snug feeling, but have a modern cooker, other kettles are not going to work.  As well as this versatility, as a kettle the King Hoff kettle is a nice one anyway.  It has a well constructed handle that will look dainty and attractive in any décor and holds a total of 3 litres of water, so is a little bigger than some of the others you will find on the market.

As I’ve said in other reviews, there are a number of things you will naturally be looking for when it comes to buying stovetop kettles.  You will be looking at something that is in your budget, for starters.  Like many featured on this site – this King Hoff kettle is very affordable and has a very low price tag, especially for what you actually get.

After price, you will then possibly be looking for a product made by a brand who are reliable when it comes to making good quality and hard wearing items.  King Hoff are that kind of brand.  They have a lot of experience in making kitchen appliances and this kettle is more than representative of this experience.

Along with price, branding, you should also consider what other customers have thought of an item.  This is particularly important if you are buying online as you may not be able to go to a physical store and actually touch and hold and look at the item up close.  This particular King Hoff kettle appears to have made a lot of customers very happy as of all the reviews submitted on, it has either been rated 5 out of 5 or 4 out of 5.

So, all in all, if you are looking for an affordable and well made stovetop kettle that will work on virtually any type of cooker, including an induction cooker, the King Hoff kettle may just be the right item for you.  It looks great, works as well as you’d want it to and doesn’t break the bank.