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Bargain hunters looking for a decent whistling kettle at a low price could find what they are after with this model from Imperial.

It comes with one of the lowest prices on the market just now and looks good too. Will it give you the perfect cup of tea for a good number of years, though?

The Looks

It seems fair to say that this isn´t the most stylish and cutting edge kettle you could buy. However, for the price it is exactly what you would expect from a kettle and possibly a bit more besides. It has a clean cut, basic look to it that should fit in fine in most kitchens. It is also small and portable enough to do a turn as a handy camping or caravanning kettle on any trips you make away from home. If you are planning on taking it away from the home then the sturdy and durable construction is another bonus in its design.

The Ease of Use

The simple and effective presentation of this Imperial whistling kettle means that it is a model that just concentrates on doing the basics well, with one or two nice bonuses thrown in. For example, an interesting feature is the addition of the manufacturer´s patented Easy Pour, Pour & Strain technology. This makes is simple and easy to strain what you boil, without the need for a colander. The fact it can be used on induction hobs and the 5 year guarantee are other reasons to consider this an effective and easy to use whistling kettle. In addition, it is classed as dishwasher safe and has a nice, comfortable grip on the handle.

The Whistle

The clear sounding whistle on this kettle is at a sufficient pitch and volume to make it possible for you to walk away from it while boiling water. This is also important to bear in mind if you plan to use it on camping or caravanning trips, when you might not always be right next to it while you boil water.


When compared to some of the more expensive whistling kettles round this model isn´t going to turn many heads. Having said that, it is a kettle that offers a very decent balance between price and quality. All in all, it has to be worth a try if you want a new kettle and don´t fancy the idea of forking out too much for it.