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Obviously an important aspect of what makes stove top kettles so attractive is their ability to strike that nostalgic note in people.  For many people, we remember what it was like at our grandmother’s home or another older relative or friend of our family’s house where we would go to visit and there would be that all too familiar noise of the kettle whistling and the smell of freshly brewed tea.

Along with the actual nostalgia surrounding stove top kettles, there is also the element of wanting things that feel like they are from a bygone era, not because we remember that era but because we like how things looked when we’ve seen old television programmes, movies or magazines set or from that time in recent history.  People who want the nostalgia or the vintage look and feel to their home and in particular their kitchen, are often interested in stove top kettles.

After all, it is not very pleasing on the eye to have a range cooker, wood burner or Aga and lots of ornately vintage designed and décor with a fancy and very modern looking kettle for making your hot drinks.  This is why you should consider the Enamel Stove Kettle in the flint colour from Garden Trading.  It has a very traditional look with a very light, almost pastel and gentle grey colour.

With a safe total capacity of 1.8 litres – you could fill it above the 1.8 line but there is no guarantee that it will be as safe to use – it is big enough to boil enough water or make enough tea for a small group of people.  Thanks to the very strong and robust coating of enamel that the kettle has, the tea you make with this little beauty will stay piping hot longer than it will using a plug in the wall kettle, so as well as being an energy saver, it is also a time saver as you won’t have to boil a fresh batch of water.

I don’t know about you, but the thing I love most about the traditional method of making tea is just as what was mentioned at the end of the paragraph above.  You put the water in, put the infuser in and make your tea in one device and as soon as the water has boiled and the tea infused enough, you are ready to drink.

The wooden handle the kettle comes with his very sturdy and comfortable to hold and because it is high enough above the body, it never gets too warm to hold; even immediately after the water has stopped boiling.  It is common sense, but worth noting that you really need to hold on to the handle and lid carefully when tipping and pouring your hot beverages.

Along with its affordability and practical design and build; looking at the reviews for this product, it is easy to see that this is a well-made stove top kettle.  Of the few people who have ordered and bought the item online, most are relatively happy with it and it seems to do the job it is intended for reasonably well.  If you are in the market for a budget stove top kettle with a pretty design, this may be the one for you.