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If you know anything about cookware, you will know that Brabantia is a brand with a lot of experience in the industry and that it has a reputation for producing some of the best kitchen accessories available.  The Favourite stove top kettle is no different and as well as being made from the highest quality of Martensitic 18/10 scratch resistant stainless steel, there is much more about this kettle to be excited about.

To begin with, the kettle has a very thick and strong encapsulated sandwich base with means that the heat is distributed evenly, ensuring that it boils water efficiently.  Another advantage this kettle has over much of the competition available at the moment is that unlike other models that tend to cater to different types of hobs and heat sources, the Brabantia Favourite is suitable for any heat source.  This includes induction, gas, electric and any others you might have at home.

Next, it is worthwhile talking about the handle, as this is an incredibly important component of any kettle, whether it’s stove top or electric.  The Brabantia Favourite has stainless steel handles with an attractive matt finish that are as robust as they are pleasing on the eyes.  It is clear just from looking at it and further more from handling it, that it has been made to a very professional standard with a lot of attention to detail.

Despite the fact that it has a maximum capacity of 2.3 litres, this kettle never feels very heavy and the handle remains very comfortable to hold even when it is full.  You can easily fill the kettle in two ways, through the spout if you are a bit on the lazy side like me or by easily removing the lid.  The interesting thing is that regardless of whether the kettle is full, half full or even a quarter full it takes virtually the same amount of time and is one of the fastest stove top kettles at boiling water.  This is obviously, at least in part, thanks to the previously mentioned encapsulated base.

You need to be warned when it comes to this kettle though, because the whistle is a bit of a beast.  Rather than having a very pleasant and comforting sound – it has a much louder noise to it.  Of course, if you have a big or noisy house or a little hard of hearing, then this is a great choice of whistling kettle for you.  The sound might even take you back to simpler times when every home had this sort of sound in it.

The bottom line with this kettle is that while it does have a slicker and more contemporary look than many “retro” stove top kettles available, it still brings back memories of trips to grandparents´ houses.  If you are looking for a reliable, fast boiling kettle that will not lose its attractiveness and will provide you with fresh, tasty hot beverages for many years to come – then you should seriously consider the Brabantia Favourite.