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beka 23cm


When you are looking for a stove top kettle to finish off your nostalgic or classically arranged kitchen and home décor, you will probably be looking at a number of different aspects of the kettle and have some important expectations.  One of the big things I look for, and indeed many people I know who like stove top kettles look for, is that it comes with a whistle that sounds when the water has boiled.

Although this was very much a standard feature of old fashioned kettles, not all modern stove top kettles feature a whistle.  The Beka 1.5 litre Claudine kettle does though.  Another aspect you will likely be interested in is something that is made from a very hardy and robust material.  Stainless steel is the preferred material due to the long shelf-life it lends to products like stove top kettles.  This is something else that the Claudine kettle by Beka has in it’s favour, it has carefully and masterfully been manufactured using strong and reliable stainless steel.

Obviously the functionally of a particular kettle is important.  You want a kettle to do what you expect it to do – to safely boil water and/or make tea, if you are intending on using an infuser and don’t want to use a separate device.  Beka are known as being a highly respectable and innovative company who make kitchenware that is a balanced combination of contemporary and modern technology and engineering with nostalgic and classic designs.  This kettle will boil the water you need and will look good in your kitchen doing it.

Along with the above points, the price and value for money that you get from a kettle is usually crucial to whether you invest in a particular product or not.  The Beka Claudine offers you very good value for money as it has been designed and produced by a trusted brand with a stunning track record in the industry and is available at an extremely competitive and attractive low price.

When looking at items online, as you do not have the benefit of seeing these items up close and personal before buying, customer reviews on sites like are very useful.  If you take the time to look at a selection of both positive and negative reviews related to a product, you will get a good overall picture of what it might be like to own and use it.

Looking at the reviews for the Beka Claudine stove top kettle, it is fair to say although there seems to be some disagreement between customers over just how good or bad it is, the majority appear to think it is a reasonably good product.  Not many people have reviewed this item compared to others, but given that the majority scored it the highest possible rating on

In summary, if you want an elegant and affordable stainless steel stove top kettle to complete your old-fashioned feel kitchen and home, the Beka Claudine could be just what you need to add that finishing touch of nostalgia.