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Although not the most expensive kettle listed on this website, the Aga stainless steel whistling kettle is still at the upper end of the price range.  Of course, as you will find with most products you buy for your home, the price of a kettle often reflects the durability of it.  You may have heard the famous saying “buy cheap, buy twice”, which could possibly be applied to the number of throwaway electric kettles you may have bought in your lifetime.

Despite being a stove top kettle, the Aga stainless steel whistling model appears to boil water very quickly.  This is largely due to the flat and wide bottom half of the kettle which is designed so that it distributes the heat evenly and does not allow any of the heat to escape up the side of the kettle, as is the case with some other kettles.  The fact that the lid secures very firmly also helps the kettle to boil water much quicker than with some other stove top models.

The handle is always an important part of a kettle to consider and with this particular Aga you are treated to a very comfortable and ergonomically designed handle.  Having an ergonomic handle is great because even when the kettle is completely full it isn’t likely to cause you any fatigue or injury.  It also never gets very hot so you do not have to worry about burning your hand when taking it off the heat.

One of the difficult issues with choosing a kettle is finding one with the perfect level of whistle. In this case, depending on who you listen to you might be told that the whistle is too quiet, or else that it is just right.  As one customer said, it looks like and sounds like a little baby mouse. I would like to point out that they were meaning this as a compliment as they referred to the mouse-like squeak and look of the whistle as “very cute”  Some users have said that it appears a bit too sensitive, while other customers say that it is just the right noise level and tone that suits their regular use of the kettle.

One of the best things from a flexibility and versatility point of view is the fact this particular kettle can be used on all different types of hobs.  So whether you have an induction, gas, electric, radiant, range or Aga stove, this kettle will boil the water for your calming and delicious cup of tea.