Lumier Chrome Stove Top Kettle Review


Due to the popularity of stove top kettle in recent years, there has been many companies and manufacturers who have been looking to rewrite the book in terms of the traditional design of this nostalgic item.  However, as much as some of the unique and interesting designs will look good in a modern kitchen; for anyone with a more traditionally decorated and designed kitchen, you need to choose a more traditional looking stove top kettle.

In the following article we will be looking at one such stove top kettle, the 2 litre capacity Lumier Chrome stove top kettle.

Nostalgic And Traditional Slick Design

Lumier have stayed true to the tradition in terms of the look of stove top kettles with the Chrome model.  It has a very simple, but elegant and slick design.  The design strikes a nice balance between looking like something that your granny might have had in her kitchen and modern enough that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to use it in front of your friends.

Easy And Versatile Use

One of the biggest draws to this Lumier stove top kettle is that unlike some stove top kettles, this particular model will work on virtually any type of hob, including induction.  So, even if you do not have a traditional hob but would still like to make a cuppa in a more traditional fashion, you are still able to with the Lumier Chrome.  There is also no chance of forgetting about this when it is on the stove as when it reaches boiling point it has a classic whistle that sounds.  Many models out there neglect to include the whistle so this is a welcome feature and part of the nostalgia connected to this kind of kitchenware.

Durable And Robust Construction

When you invest in a stove top kettle, regardless of the price range your budget allows, you undoubtedly want one that has not only been manufactured to a high standard; but with high quality materials.  The Lumier Chrome is a good choice in this regard as the actual body of the kettle has been made using strong and durable high quality stainless steel.  To help provide protection from the heat when you are taking it off the heat, the handle and the lid have both been constructed using very durable plastic.

Extremely Reasonable Price

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this kettle, along with the traditional look and feel, the versatility and whistle, is the price.  You can’t complain much about getting your hands on a nice piece of kitchenware for making your hot beverages on those cold days while being transported back to simpler times, when it costs you less than £20.

To summarise, if you are looking for a very practical and fuss-free way to boil a kettle of water, while adding a touch of the past to your kitchen; the Lumier Chrome stove top kettle may be just what you need.  It looks good, has been manufactured well and is reasonably priced enough that it won’t break the bank and will suit even people with the tightest of budgets.

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