Glass Stove Top Kettle

One of the problems a lot of people complain about most stove top kettles available, is the fact that as they are made from materials such as metal and plastic, it can often have affects on the taste of the water boiled in them. However as there has never really been good enough alternatives, we kind of put up with it – don’t we? Well, you don’t actually have to do that anymore, as there is now a new type of stove top kettle – the glass stove top kettle.

Why Would You Want A Glass Stove Top Kettle?

Well we have touched on one of the reasons in the opening paragraph. Glass is different from metal and plastic in that it doesn’t have any anything in it that leaves a funny odour or taste in water stored or boiled in it. Take a glass of fresh tap water for example…run the tap, pour into the glass and all you taste is the water, nothing else. It is not quite the same with a plastic or metal cup, as you will always get a little of the taste of those materials in your liquids.

Another great benefit of glass over other materials is it’s transparent look. Rather than having a line with some numbers to indicate how much water is in the kettle, you simply have to look at glass stove top kettles to see how much water is in it.

This also lends to the aesthetic qualities of these kinds of kettles, as it is visually striking to have a clear kettle on your stove, boiling a nice kettle of water or even tea. When you make tea in this kind of kettle you can even see the process of the tea infusing and brewing. Which can be quietly spectacular.

There are unfortunately not enough glass stove top kettles available at the moment, so we have picked out the one we could find on Amazon to look at in closer detail.

12-Cup Glass Stove top Whistling Kettle by Medelco



The glass stove top kettle we have chosen is the 12 cup whistling model from Medelco. Looking at the picture, you can see that it is indeed a very different looking kettle to the rest featured on this website. We love the crystal clearness of how the water holder part looks, but also just the smooth and round, elegant design of the kettle as a whole.

Elegant And Classy Design

It is not just a pretty design though, as it is very functional and practical and features a removable lid for easy refilling and a heat resistant phenolic handle and features a drip-free spot for better pouring. Regardless of whether you have an electric or gas stove top, this kettle will work with both.

Easy To Maintain And Clean

Medelco understand the need for products to be as user-friendly as possible and know that one of the things you as customers are looking for is appliances and items such as stove top kettles that are easy to maintain. This is why they have ensured that this 12 cup kettle can be safely put into the dishwasher. Even if you do not have a dishwasher you will still find it very easy to keep clean.

When you are using this kettle on electric range coils, you can use the metal heat diffuser to stop the stove from damaging the kettle.


The looks and other features aside, the most important thing about this kettle is the fact that it will make you 12 cups of boiling water for the hot beverage of your choice. This is great when you are entertaining or just want a coffee or 12 to accompany you if you are working from home, or for those days when you are lazying and just want a nice brew to savour,

Even if you have never heard of the company Medelco before, looking at the reviews on Amazon, it is clear to see that this kettle has been a favourite with the majority of those customers who have used it.

Customer Opinion And Summary

Although there has only been 5 reviews submitted so far, it is worth taking into consideration that they all but one reviewer gave the kettle the full 5 stars. When you also then consider that the one customer who gave it a negative review mentioned that it had a crack around the bottom, it is easy to see why there could be a difference in opinion. It could easily mean that they simply had a bad item, or damage occurred in transit when it was being delivered. Therefore, not actually anything to do with the kettle being a bad product.

If you want something that will be a talking point and are sick of the after-taste plastic and metal kettles can often lend to your hot drinks, you could do worse than considering this beautiful kettle.


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