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I Need A Stove Top Kettle With…?

Over the last couple of decades, stove top kettles have steadily and increasingly popular again.  Although people are definitely looking for energy efficient alternatives to different aspects of their lives and switching from an electric kettle to a stove top kettle is one way of doing that;

Stove Top Kettle For Camping

Camping and tea. Tea and camping.  What do both these things have in common?  Both are extremely popular in the UK and both go extremely well together.  What could be better…more civilised and sophisticated than waking up in the middle of the countryside and putting on your

Induction Kettle – Green by Judge

Induction hobs have become very popular over the last couple of decades, largely due to their great ability conserve energy.  In fact they are much faster and energy efficient than gas cookers, with around 80 to 90% of the energy produced being converted to induction compared to

Gooseneck Stove Top Kettles

There is one type of kettle that we have not discussed yet on this site and that is the gooseneck, otherwise known as the pour-over, kettle.  If you prefer coffee to tea, there is one technique you should learn and this is the pour-over method of making

Glass Stove Top Kettle

One of the problems a lot of people complain about most stove top kettles available, is the fact that as they are made from materials such as metal and plastic, it can often have affects on the taste of the water boiled in them. However as there

Garden Trading Enamel Stove Kettle – Flint Review

Obviously an important aspect of what makes stove top kettles so attractive is their ability to strike that nostalgic note in people.  For many people, we remember what it was like at our grandmother’s home or another older relative or friend of our family’s house where we

Lumier Chrome Stove Top Kettle Review

Due to the popularity of stove top kettle in recent years, there has been many companies and manufacturers who have been looking to rewrite the book in terms of the traditional design of this nostalgic item.  However, as much as some of the unique and interesting designs