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Victor Cast Iron Tea Kettle, Black Review

When it comes to stove top tea kettles and tea pots, a simple design well executed is often better than a garish looking over the top item.  It’s likely that if you are looking for a kettle for your stove top, you are trying to achieve a

Garden Trading Enamel Stove Kettle – Flint Review

Obviously an important aspect of what makes stove top kettles so attractive is their ability to strike that nostalgic note in people.  For many people, we remember what it was like at our grandmother’s home or another older relative or friend of our family’s house where we

Romero Britto Teapots – Do NOT Miss Out!

You could be forgiven for never having heard of Romero Britto, but I can guarantee you’re missing out on some serious colour and vitality in your home if that is the case. Think of a rainbow. Now imagine that rainbow exploding, throw in a mix of distorted