5 Crazy Novelty Teapots That Will Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Teapots are a staple item in just about every British kitchen. However, far from being merely a functional item they can also be a fabulous way to add a little colour and character to your home.

I came across the quirky world of decorative teapots quite by chance  a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the idea of collecting them.

Since then, I’ve built up quite a collection, and have branched out to include teapots from a range of top designers, including Cardew, Annie Rowe, Sadler, Prince Kensington and Charlotte di Vita. They sit proudly on a set of shelves in my kitchen, and really add character and decoration to the room.

I’ve collated my list of personal favourites, selected mainly for their fun, unique designs, in the hope of revealing to the world the beauty and fun of decorative teapots.

1. Alice in Wonderland (Cardew)

Alice in Wonderland 6 Cup Teapot

It seems fairly obvious that, if you’re going to start collecting teapots, you could do with one from one of the most famous tea parties ever – the Mad Hatter’s tea party. This is one of my largest teapots (it holds 6 cups), and features a scene from the tea party from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Besides the colourful design and quotes from the book, what’s lovely about this teapot is the figurine of the White Rabbit that sits on the lid.

I received this teapot as a gift from my mum a couple of years ago and, although I never asked her where she purchased it from or for how much (following normal present-receiving etiquette), I did find the same one on Amazon – it’s a little pricier than some of my other teapots, but by no means a budget-breaker.


2. Big Ben (Sadler)

Big Ben (Sadler)

I love Sadler teapots designs, especially the ones that are so typically British. I have several, including teapots depicting scenes from some of Shakespeare’s most popular designs, including Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as teapots depicting famous British figures, such as Winston Churchill, Henry VIII and his six wives, and one of my favourites, Robin Hood.

The newest Sadler addition to my collection is a teapot styled to look like Big Ben. It’s a fairly simple design, but it looks really quirky shelved with the rest of my collection, and I particularly like the lid that is shaped liked the spire.


3. Vintage Kellogg’s (Portmeirion)

Vintage Kellogg’s (Portmeirion)

This pot has a funky retro design celebrating famous Kellogg’s cereals; really, it’s quite perfect for a kitchen display.

If you’re a fan of the retro design featured on the pot, there’s also a range of products that match the teapot, including a milk jug and sugar bowl.


4. VW Camper Van (Lesser and Pavey)

VW Camper Van (Lesser and Pavey)

This is one of the cutest teapots in my collection, and one of the least expensive – a good piece to start a collection with. Again, it’s another retro-style teapot. It includes the hippy symbol and a “peace” registration plate, and I really love its vibrant colours. If you look closely, it’s clear that the design and painting are slightly imperfect, which I believe adds character and charm to the pot.


5. Dr Who’s Tardis Teapot

Dr Who’s Tardis Teapot

This is a fabulous, original gift idea for any followers of The Doctor. As a big Doctor Who fan, I chose this one as a special addition to my collection. It’s now probably the teapot that gets the most attention from visitors to my kitchen.

This teapot is beautifully designed, and the intricate detail of the notices and badge on the side of the Tardis add to its authenticity.

(If you’re a MASSIVE Dr Who fan, you may also be interested in the matching mug, cookie jar and salt and pepper shakers…)


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