10 Great Mugs To Enjoy Your Brew From

So you have your kettle and now even have some nice teas to make, there is still something missing, isn’t there?  With a great kettle and selection of teas, you need a nice mug to have your favoured blend in.  Mugs have always been a fun way to express your individuality.  If you prefer a very classy and sophisticated mug, you will have no problem finding something to suit, just as if you like a good pun or like something a bit quirkier, you will find something to suit.

In the following post we have highlighted our ten mugs, so if you are stuck trying to choose one from the plethora of thousands out there, read through our little list and you might find something that tickles your fancy.

Heat Colour Change Mug Cup (Morning wake up) by Magicup



how about a nice mug that animates just how we all feel in the morning before we start drinking that first cuppa?  This is a heat sensitive mug that starts with a sad and down looking face when it is empty, but then changes and perks into a happy face as soon as hot liquid is poured into it.  Remind you of anyone?

It has scored reasonably well in terms of its rating on Amazon, and it will definitely put a smile on your face – even if it is a little silly.

“Hello, is It Tea You are Looking For?” Ceramic Mug, White, 11 oz by Acen




Are you a fan of puns, tea and the music of Lionel Ritchie?  If so, you will probably love this mug from Acen.  It includes a picture that is unmistakeably Ritchie with the words “Hello, is it tea you are looking for?” written on it.  Get it?   Haha.  We love this one, but we love silly puns.

White Oh For Fox Sake Mug by RealSlickTees



The next mug we have chosen is for anyone who is having a rough day and wants to shout a choice phrase to the world, but chooses to have a cuppa instead.  “Oh For Fox Sake” is written on the mug with a cute pic of a fox – though there is no hiding what it really means.  It may be a good choice to have on your desk at work, then people will know whether it is a good idea to ask for favours or not.

Lingstar The Walking Dead Zombies Ceramics Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Tea Mug



Another great mug that changes design when hot liquid is added.  This time it is one for all you fans of The Walking Dead out there.  What starts off as a fairly nice and smart black mug changes into something a little more horrifying once your hot coffee, tea or other beverage is poured into it.

Not for the faint hearted, but great for pranking unsuspecting people with.

Maxwell & Williams 420 ml Porcelain William Morris Strawberry Thief Coupe Mug, Blue



This is a bit of a wild card, because admittedly we don’t normally like the very garishly designed mugs, but we thought this one was nice.  Not only is it a fairly big sized mug, but it has a very unique and intricate pattern that has a nice sort of look and feel to it.

Definitely one for the individuals out there.

I’m Not Saying I’m Batman But… – Funny Novelty Superhero Coffee Mug / Cup by Acen



Another fun and quirky mug from Acen, this one will delight superhero fans and Batman fans in particular.  The side of the mug hilariously reads “I’m not saying I’m Batman I’m just saying nobody has ever seen me and Batman in a room together”.

Home Treats Biscuit Mug Large



Don’t you hate trying to hold a hot cup of coffee or tea in one hand and your preferred biscuits in the other.  It is often a balancing act and sometimes you have to incorporate the use of your knees or the arms of that comfy chair you love sitting in.  With this Home Treats Biscuit Mug, you no longer have this problem, as it comes designed with a biscuit bolder joined on to the side of the mug, giving you the perfect place to store those biscuits you intend to munch on while you enjoy that hot cuppa.

Inside Out Mug – Friends



This is a fun mug because of what it symbolises.  On the outside, it looks like a pretty standard mug.  Plain, but smart enough.  When you look inside though, you get a nice surprise, as there is a unique and colourful pattern on the inside of the mug.  The concept is meant to be philosophical and suggest that it’s not what’s son the outside that’s important, it’s what’s on the inside.  This is true of this mug obviously, or any mug, but also more deeply, it is suggesting it about people.

This particular mug has a nice inscription about friendship, but there are lots of encouraging words and expressions to choose from.

Bristol Stool Chart Ceramic Mug by Staffordshire Pottery



Are you a fan of toilet humour or know someone who is?  Well this mug takes the phrase “toilet humour” one step further and presents a hilarious, and let’s face it, much needed chart describing various stools.

We don’t advise you get this for your mother in law, guys.

Self-Stirring Mug by Bluw



Now, we all know what hard work it is to make a nice cup of tea or coffee, don’t we?  All that hard stirring can take its toll.  Even though we are obviously joking, if you or someone you want to buy a gift for likes fun and quirky things, this is an ideal gift.

This mug, as the name suggests, stirs itself.  All thanks to a paddle at the base of the mug and some batteries.  It really is a super thing and a lot of fun.

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