Hi there, welcome to my site.  The reason I started this site was that I recently moved out of the city into a house in the country and wanted equipment and accessories that would help my kitchen to be very stylish with a real touch of retro.  I really wanted that old fashioned look of a kettle on the stove and that lovely whistling noise that would tell me that my water was ready to use for the perfect cup of tea or coffee.  In my search for the best stove top kettle, I did more and more research and I have decided to share that research with you on this site.

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Help Choosing The Best Stove Top Kettle

In the following table I have gathered together the ones I believe to be the best available at the moment.  They have been ranked in terms of price, style and rating to help you pick the one that is right for you.

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So why would you want to buy one?  Well, there are many reasons.  As well as being very retro and stylish, they are also great because they don’t need any electricity and are therefore cordless without the need for an actual base at all.  They can also be used on both electric and gas powered stoves, as long as there is a level surface over a heat source for them to sit on.  Simply fill your kettle with the correct amount of water, pop it on the stove top and wait for the comforting whistle.  Traditionally they are made in cast iron or stainless steel, which gives them their very unique and old fashioned look, but how do you know if you are buying a good one or a bad one?  We will look at the answer to that question further down this page.

When looking for the best stove top kettle for you and your house there are 3 things that will be the most important things you need to consider – the price, the capacity and the speed it takes to boil.  I will take each factor one by one and discuss them in greater detail to help you understand why these are so important.

The Price

Although it is true when you look at the price, they can be very expensive.  However, it is important to note that many of the pricier models are expensive due to their design and extra features that they may have, so if you don’t want an all-singing, all-dancing model then you may be able to save a bit of money.  In fact, you could pay as little as £15 or as much as £100 or more.  It really depends on the amount you can and would like to pay.

The Capacity

Just as with standard electric kettles, there is a wide range of stove top models with different capacities available.  Therefore, if there are many people in your household who like hot drinks, you may want a very large capacity model.  However, if you will only be using your kettle to boil enough water for you and possibly one other person, it may suit you better to buy a smaller model.

The Speed

Obviously with an appliance that boils water, one of your main considerations should be how quickly it can actually boil the water.  You need to consider how important a factor it is for your kettle to boil water quickly.  Are you really that bothered if it doesn’t do it in super-fast time?  It is also important to remember that while it won’t take hours to boil a full kettle, it will still take longer than a standard, electric model.

The Advantages Of Stove Top Kettles

The fact that they are made from cast iron or stainless steel means they can boil water quickly, while being very robust and having a much longer lifespan than electric varieties. This is great because it means you will not have to replace your stove top kettle as often as you may to replace a standard plastic electric kettle.  This is good news if you are interested in environmental issues, as it will help reduce your own personal levels of waste and pollution.

Further to the above, as they do not have electrical parts, they require much less maintenance.  As there is virtually no parts that you will have to replace or buy, this also means that they have a much longer life.

Let’s face it though, the two biggest advantages and reasons for buying one is the fact that they look good and sound good.  There is nothing more comforting than seeing the steam escape and hearing that wonderful whistle!

Does The Brew Taste Better From A Stove Top Kettle?

Does it actually make a difference on the taste of your cuppa whether the water has been boiled in an electric kettle or a stove top kettle?  While there is some debate over this matter, I have discovered through researching that yes, it does make a difference.  The main complaint regarding plastic, electric kettles is that they can often make the water taste like plastic, which is not a nice aftertaste you want from your cuppa in the morning.  Stainless steel and cast iron stove top models do not however transfer any nasty tastes and flavours into the water when it’s boiling.  So really, if you can afford one, a stove top kettle in my opinion will give you a much better tasting brew!